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Interlock Stone by MWS Construction in Ottawa

Interlocking stone is a great way to customize and enhance your outdoor space and bring increased value to your home. We here at MWS will create a custom design that will enhance the look of your patio, walkway, driveway or pool surround.


Interlocking stone is available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles.


Interlock has superior strength & durability and is able to resist deterioration of freeze and thaw cycles that come with the changing seasons.


Interlock can be disassembled if ever needed to repair underground services and easily reinstalled.

How to start your interlock project:

1. Fill the form below.
2. Someone will contact you to set up an on site quote
3. If we move forward we will take your dreams and our knowledge and create a custom design and discuss styles and colors. There is no obligation.
4. Both parties will complete a contract and the project will be scheduled to be completed

To view types of stones, please visit Techo-Bloc site.

More questions?

You can reach us by telephone: 613-223-8996 .

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